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Laser hair removal cost can vary greatly from city to city in America. Here you can find a guide to the typical laser hair removal prices and costs in the form of a quote from a specific North American laser hair removal clinic. This list is meant as a guideline for you to compare local prices to. Note that these prices are for 1 session only. For the recommended 6-8 laser hair removal sessions, significant discounts are usually available. The prices below are without any kind of  discounts. For more information on getting discounts for laser hair removal and for more price information, see the ‘Laser Hair Removal Cost’ page on this website.

Typical Laser hair removal cost and prices:

Laser hair removal cost example from a specific North American hair removal clinic (2011):

The list shows the Body area followed by the Regular Price per Session in dollars.

(typically 6-8 sessions are required. Large discount are usually available for a larger package):
Chin : 80.00
Underchin : 80.00
Lip & Chin : 160.00
Cheeks : 130.00
Half Face : 200.00
Whole Face 280.00
Arms : 360.00
Half Arms : 240.00
Under Arms : 160.00
Full Back : 350.00
Lower Back : 200.00
Chest : 350.00
Breasts : 140.00
Middle Line : 80.00
Full Stomach : 220.00
Bikini Line : 120.00
Full Bikini : 250.00
Full Legs : 450.00
Half Legs : 280.00
Full Leg & Bikini
hair removal cost: 680.00
Buttocks : 200.00
Toes : 50.00
Fingers : 50.00
Upper Body : 630.00
Lower Body : 840.00
Sideburns : 100.00
Skin Tightening (Face) : 299.00
Skin Tightening (Neck) : 150.00

Laser hair removal cost for men:

Area Regular laser hair removal cost/ Price per Session:

Full Back : 480.00
Upper Back : 280.00
Lower Back : 280.00
Front (Chest + Abdomen)
hair removal cost 480.00
Chest : 280.00
Abdomen : 280.00
Full Back & Chest
hair removal cost:880.00
Shoulders : 200.00
Full Arms : 400.00
Half Arms : 280.00
Upper Body : 1,620.00
Half Face : 250.00
Neck (Front or Back)
hair removal cost:140.00
Wrist : 150.00
Ears : 110.00
Bikini Line: 250.00
Full Bikini : 400.00
Cheeks : 220.00
Full Legs:  550.00
Half Legs:  350.00
Buttocks :300.00
Under Arms : 200.00
Skin Tightening (Face) : 299.00
Skin Tightening (Neck) : 150.00

All prices are in dollars. Please note that there are several ways to lower these cost significantly and that this is a guide price only. Please, see the other pages on this website, to learn about the best tips to get a discount on you laser hair removal session.

Disregard the commercial plugs at the beginning and the end of the video. The video is hort but gives you a good idea about how modern laser hair removl works.

For more information and prices for clinics specializing in how to permanently removing unwanted bodyhair, have a look around this website. Many different clinics are available and you will be able to get a direct quote from them here also. Reviews for alternative methods, such as electrolysis and waxing creams are also available.

-Please visit our pages on the different laser hair removal systems, as well. You can also learn about the typical laser hair removal cost, side effects and more about the sessions needed for particular areas of your body.
Its time to get rid of those pesky little hairs!



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